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Preparing yourself and your pet  

 for your house call visit...

Falcon Veterinary Services (FVS) will email an appointment confirmation and a patient medical history questionnaire. Please complete the questionnaire prior to the exam. Email it back to us or have it ready at the beginning of the appointment so we can review it with you.

Let us know before the appointment if your pet does not like being handled or has been fearful or stressed out at past veterinary visits.

Remove your pet's access to food 12 hours prior to the appointment. Our treats will be more effective to reduce stress when your pet is hungry. 


Two to four hours prior to the appointment, remove water and litter boxes. This will make collecting a urine sample much easier and sedation, if necessary, much safer.


Save the most recent stool sample in a plastic baggy in case we need to submit for testing. 


Remove distractions and other stressors (children, loud TV or music, other pets, power tools, etc.) from the environment to decrease stress. Feel free to play calming music at a low volume - Classical, New Age, or instrumental music works well.

One hour prior to the appointment, select a location in your home where the examination and treatment will be performed. Enclosed spaces with no hiding spots that are easily cleaned are strongly preferred. Bathrooms are an excellent option! Enclose your pet in the selected location. This will ensure that the appointment time can be spent thoroughly examining your pet and not trying to catch him/her! 

Review the visit estimate that was emailed to you and have your payment method and any questions you may have ready for the doctor. 

During the appointment, please keep your voice low and ask prior to attempting to restrain or comfort your pet so that the examination can continue smoothly with minimal stress to all involved. Make food, water and the litter box available for access after the examination.

Successful and thorough examinations require some restraint of the patient. Though it may seem uncomfortable for your pet, we use techniques that are shown to be less stressful for your pet and safer for us. Remain calm during the visit and refrain from intervening during the exam. Pets are very sensitive to their owners’ energy – if you’re nervous, so is your pet!

After the appointment, allow your pet to de-stress in a calm, quiet place and avoid excessive interaction. Stressed pets can be grumpier than usual and may lash out at you or other pets. Let your pet recuperate fully and decide when he/she is ready to receive attention again. 

Following these suggestions will help ensure that you, your pet, and our staff have a positive and stress-free house-call experience! We appreciate your cooperation, and so does your pet!

Thank You,

            Falcon Veterinary Services

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